Basic plan

Three meals a day

This plan was created for people whose sedentary job or inability to exercise regularly precludes them from losing weight quickly and safely. Lots of protein, minimal simple carbohydrates, and just enough fat will ensure weight loss of up to 15 lbs (7kg) per month. Women will lose up to 11 lbs (5kg) per month, and men -- up to 15 lbs (7kg) per month, depending on body type and activity level.

This plan provides breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Daily caloric value: 800-1000

Price: $39/day 

Sample menu

right_small.svg__PID:19bb0cfa-aa8d-4f0b-9a9b-1f47bff11712Next day
Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt

Raspberry Chocolate Yogurt

Jalapeño-Popper Stuffed Chicken copy.png__PID:d769dd96-4645-487b-98a2-9fd9152852e4

Jalapeño-Popper Stuffed Chicken

Salad with quinoa and charred shrimp

Salad with quinoa & charred shrimp

Egg Salad Avocado Toast copy.png__PID:b3cb094d-172e-4424-abb5-b1b027769b6c

Egg Salad Avocado Toast

Creamy Pesto Chicken Salad with Greens copy.png__PID:e528abcc-6602-4f64-a47e-50418b0afb21

Creamy Pesto Chicken Salad with Greens

Curried Zucchini _ Couscous copy.png__PID:0f6ff567-1da8-448a-9a34-4f42a65498e0

Curried Zucchini & Couscous

On average per day


800 - 1000


32-40 g


26-33 g


106-130 g

Images may differ in appearance from the actual product.
Exact ingredients will be listed on each label.

Questions about nutrition

Questions about nutrition

What is a healthy diet and why should it be followed? Nutrition is the basis of health, well-being, vitality, and a beautiful figure. It is food that delivers nutrients to the body for construction and cell functioning. The lack of any element may eventually cause lack of energy and even health problems. That's why it matters so much to have a balanced diet and proper cooking. The HachFood menu was developed under the guidance of nutritionists and contains the optimal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Weight Loss

High-fiber foods can fill you up and keep you feeling fuller longer

Blood Pressure

Certain foods have been shown to reduce hypertension

Disease Prevention

Antioxidants can prevent cell damage that causes serious diseases

Decreased Cholesterol

Beta-glucan in your food may reduce LDL

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